Dear Graphics-Challenged Marketer,

I won’t shock you by saying that videos are all the rage right now. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it, right? 

They are an incredibly powerful way to capture the attention of your target audience.

If you think about it for a second, smart marketers have invested a considerable amount of time and money in platforms like Youtube, Vimeo or Google Hangouts over the past few years…Especially with Google Hangouts being all the rage nowadays. 

Up until recently, having quality videos used to be a privilege..

But no more!

A new wave of maverick entrepreneurs like YOU are changing the rules of the game, by taking control of their own marketing!

The issue is not everyone is taking advantage of this new wave…

Let’s face it, whatever you do online content is still the king

Without quality content your site will remain a no-man’s land.

That’s right.

Gone are the times where you could just ‘slap’ a $5 article on GoArticles and expect floods of traffic coming to your website.

We’re in 2014 now. Yes the times are changing, like it or not!

Now, everyone owns a WordPress blog, has a YouTube Channel AND a fanpage and the only way to stand out is by screaming out your uniqueness.

And from what I have seen so far, it’s crystal clear that most people have been doing it wrong…

The truth is..

Needless to say, video marketing = increased brand authority, popularity and sales……you know that, and I know that.

The only problem is…Branding Yourself
On Video Is Extremely Difficult.
Your average Joe Marketer Google Hangout… Would you buy anything from this guy?

Truth be told, branding your videos the proper way does take professional skills. First, you need to figure out what the best image ratio is for videos (and trust me this is already no mean feat).

Secondly, you need to think about which are the best fonts for lower third graphics and then find (hopefully not steal) vector images, patterns, call-outs and other graphics to make your videos stand out.

You know how important Call To Actions are for your videos, right? They make all the difference between getting 1 sale or 10. 

Finally, you need to come up with gorgeous designs that can draw visitors to trust your brand and actually buy stuff from you. But, don’t even think about using Paint to do these…You can try with Gimp if you are one of the braves..To be honest, I wouldn’t even recommend these sub-par solutions to my worst enemy. 

Truth is…

So what do you do?

You might try to hire a “lower third graphic designer” on Fiverr…… I can safely bet you’ll be handed yet an other sub-par template, your videos will look dirt-cheap and you will likely lose customers over it.

Or you might even try to buy some lower third templates from marketplaces like VideoHive…But who wants to shell out $600 just to be able to customize these templates?

Most video marketing graphics requires After Effects to customize those templates.
For the first time ever, there is a cheaper, faster and more reliable alternative!
Watch This Demo Video To Uncover The Power Of Zamurai Video Editor

We created this software when we saw how many people were actually failing to take advantage of video marketing.

Not only can you unleash your own video graphics to increase your brand authority on Youtube, Google Hangouts and other video platforms…… now you can also offer a highly in demand solution to clients online and offline.

Imagine creating a shiny brand new lower third graphic for a client in no time and picking up a tasty check for your trouble..Or finally seeing your bank account grow thanks to your ‘confidence-trickster’ branding graphics.

That’s what we have been doing with this software and that is what you can start doing today. Here’s everything you’re getting today: 

Brand yourself like a professional (even if your are a newbie)
and take your marketing to the next level starting today

With an incredibly interface, hundreds of built-in graphics and power user features it only takes a minute to create powerful video graphics.

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Zamurai Video Editor

Bonus #1: Zamurai CTA Bundle ($17 Value)

This is one of my best selling products that 
contains all my ninja call-to-action bumper videos that 
are GUARANTEED to skyrocket your affiliate commissions.

In this package you get the .MP4 files, Powerpoint files, 
Images, Sound tracks AND even a tutorial video of how
you can customize my Call-To-Action bumper videos to
suit your needs.

If you wanted to purchase this product today it’ll cost you 
$17, but again you get it as a free bonus with Zamurai Video Editor!

Bonus #2: A NEW Live Google Hangout Case Study ($27 Value) 

In this bonus you’re going to get a complete case study of
how I took a brand new video
and ranked it for 3 different buyer keywords
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 You’ll get to see the video, the keywords, AND get the EXACT back linking
sources that I used to achieve these results. 

This will allow you to quickly start using Zamurai Video Editor
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Bonus #3: Over 100 Professionally Designed Templates ($37 Value) 

We’ve Done the heavy lifting for you.
Even though our software is already extremely easy to use,
we’ve taken it a step further and included over 100 professionally
designed templates that you can start using immediately. 

Point, click and customize any of these templates in real-time.

Includes designs for various types of online and offline niches.

Talk about amazing bonuses, right?

Zamurai Video Editor
To Your Success,
Joshua Zamora
Is there an OTO? 
Nope. Not this time around 🙂 You get it ALL upfront. 
Does it Work On Mac? 
Yup, sure does. It’s an online based app, so it works regardless what computer you’re using.